Brandsation is all about creating flow. By streamlining online flows, data streams, brand experiences and human interactions.

The core idea of Brandsation is that every sensory experience influences how a situation is experienced and unfolds. To achieve flow, all barriers must be lifted, overcome or bypassed.

The best symbol for this is the combination music and dance.

To explore this universe without limitation, we started this dance music label as an expression of what Brandsation stands for.

For inquiries about our label, contact Adriaan Walpot:

Dance The Night Away embodies our music label.

In full Indian Summer, we are proud to release the first “poster-song” of our label.

“Dance The Night Away” embodies everything that our label stands for: human connection and melodic, warm vibes with a solid beat.

The style is a poppy version of Kizomba, which results in a very slow sultry song that takes the listener to exotic places of the heart full of expectation met, melancholy and resolve.”