Create a model of your target Brand Experience in 3 guided steps

Brand Exploration Workshop
A Simulation Cycle to Overcome Barriers in order to Maximise Flow

Who is this for?

Make your business initiatives more effective:

A guided exploration of your wisdom

Each time we go deeper into the workshop, we root your initiative firmer into a clear vision of the unique contribution of your brand (i.e. of yourself, your team or your organization).
Focus = to create the most value & achieve maximum impact.

* The solid, straightforward way to explore this model of your Brand, is by having an experienced guide on your side. Structured acknowledgment of your inner wisdom is the service that Brandsation brings to you.
* We take you along in a structured but hands-on exercise where we actively imagine scenario's steered by our internal wisdom.
* During our scenario discovery, iterate between challenges and solutions, until we reach a balanced outcome that addresses the most evident barriers.

What do we do?

Brandsation provides you with a practical approach to capture the ideal Brand Experience that you can offer to your customers. 

The Brandsation Cookbook approach is based on hands-on, one-to-one coaching sessions [Workshop]. The resulting individual Cookbook guide [Deliverable] is a practical deliverable you can start to implement from day one.

In order to make qualitative day-to-day business decisions, your balanced ideal should be available at your fingertips. Together we explore your mission in a simulated environment until all the details match up. This is your balanced ideal that you are motivated to realistically strive for.

What about?

The goal is to align an initiative (project, product, service, business) with the essence of your brand’s mission

The Brandsation Cookbook can apply to every key initiative within an organization, far beyond just business strategy and marketing positioning. This includes product and software development, as well as business and IT architecture (TOGAF).

Our way of working is designed to be part of an agile and lean development environment.

Step 1: Soul Exploration through Warped Time [Workshop]

Using an iterative, step-by-step approach, we model the ideal experience that fits into your vision of the future.

1. In intensive sessions of 2 hours (over 1 to 5 days, depending on complexity), we cycle through a new vision that simulate the possibilities and barriers.

2. Throughout iterations, we acknowledge the interactions between you, your team, your organization, your customer and your environment.

3. When we arrive at your desired destination, it is by your own design, with our guidance.

During this exercise, we move…

…from (1) the existing knowledge inside the organization,

…through (2) sensory exercises that reveal the broader known-how within (yourself, team)

…towards (3) a structured Brand Experience Model that is based on industry best practices.

This Brand Experience Model has your unique Brand imprint and exhibits the flavor of Brandsation quality standards.

Step 2: Iteration Cycles

Subsequently, we apply solid ground-root wisdom to an otherwise sterile approach. Because we iterate the scenario’s through different cycles, the outcome has a firm base to build upon. You unlock a strategy that has a stronger bond with reality and is therefore more successful on the market.

Step 3: Brand Personality Spaces [Workshop]

Next, we recognize the practical implications within the complete environment: the real world (customer environment),

2. online (front-end) and

3. datawise (back-end).