Brand Experience modeling in 3 steps

Overcome Barriers to Maximise Flow​

Brand Exploration Workshop

Part 1: Pre-workshop preparation

In the pre-workshop, you share every relevant piece of information.

These can be documents, moodboards, pictures, epics to user stories, plans and backlogs, budgets, P&L, strategy documents, links to anything you feel to share.

As a second step, a video with read-through questionnaire (completion optional) propels you forward in choosing what to select & share.

As a coach, this gives me an insight into your path so far, so that we can take on our exercise with a head start and use your time optimally.


Part 2: Workshop:
Soul Exploration through Warped Time

This workshop is the heart of the exploration journey.

While the exercise follows a clear structure of future pacing and feedback cycles, the key techniques are aimed at achieving optimal flow and congruence for its participants. The trained coach enables the participant to create the space where the dynamics of the play filter out the important insights. The intensity of the experience removes cognitive barriers so that collected wisdom becomes available as the cornerstone throughout this constructed reality.

The outcome of this exercise is the springboard to the Brand Personality Spaces. 

Part 3: Brand Personality Spaces

The Brand Personality Spaces shape the ideas that come out of the Exploration workshop. 

We translate its core ideas into a set of deliverables such as the Brandsation 4 Attention Arcs, Brand Temple and other key Brand Architecture elements. 

Its exercises sharpen the key elements in subsequent cycles, allowing to alternately focus by zooming into details and zooming back out to see connections. These cycles serve as a reality check, drawing again on the internal wisdom of the participants. Because we give real agency to our collected insights, participants can embody the outcome on the long run.

Interview with Walter and Adriaan

The 4 Brandsation Attention Arcs

The Attention Arcs describes 4 mind spaces that your initiative lives in. 

In order to offer a solid and stable brand experience, each arc must describe a coherent and sincere story. 

The 4 arcs must also align in between themselves, providing a seamless and authentic bridge to the over-arching brand narrative, as described in the Brand Temple.

The Brandsation Brand Temple

The Brand Temple describes the full story in a structured way.

Its design compels the owner to communicate with precision, drawing from the Soul Exploration workshop and filling in the details of the narratives in the 4 Attention Arcs. Guided by the coach, we complete the brand architecture so that it becomes a best expression of the current ambition, origin and nature. 

The unique Brandsation storyboard elements that more profoundly characterize the described initiative, as well as the more generic Brand artifacts, can be adapted later on as the Brand evolves.

Customer Benefits

As we zoom in on our Customers, we cycle back to reveal and test some brand characteristics from the point of view of Customer Value.

To do so, we examine the Customer’s brand experience in light of the pain points and gains to be achieved. By acknowledging how functional, emotional and self-expressive motivations act as 3 personal levels for each of these drivers, we map the mind space of the customer diligently. This translates to the solution that our brand experience provides.

With the role of the key players defined, we can allow the rest of the story to write itself as we take on the next part of the exercise.


Story - Characters, Arc, Environment

In this cycle, the narrative solidifies as we deepen the story with broad strokes. This is where we connect vividly to our story and commit to a base layer that we can build upon.

As we do so small exercises, we check for congruence in all dimensions and make adjustments where necessary. These dimensions can include internal forces, playing field, market, time and overall business model, amongst others. Any gaps become visible and are addressed.

Brand Values

As a final part of the Brand persona, brand values are an expression of the Brand character. Brand values are a tool for the day-to-day real world.

These values are practical guidelines that allow anyone who is trusted as a representative of the Brand to interact in the environment in a predictable way. Instead of a relying on an old-fashioned rules-based approach, values recognize that the Brand stewards act in the best way when given a mandate accompanied with a set of clearly defined principles as a guideline.

When we identify them, we cycle to the outer circle of our Brand Experience. This is the ultimate test for a solid congruent Brand as it relates to its environment.